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Help People in Need, Your Generosity Makes a Difference

In our community, people in crisis do not have access to basic necessities like menstrual supplies, bras, and underwear. Can you imagine how mortifying it is having to make do without tampons and pads? But there is hope. Thanks to generous kind people like you, BRAWS provides these essentials through schools, shelters, and community partners. Please, open your heart and contribute today, no gift is too small to make a difference in their lives.


MISSION: BRAWS provides menstrual supplies and new undergarments to women and children in crisis who do not have access to critical, basic needs in our community and around the world.

VISION: According to the Alliance for Period Supplies, 251,382 Virginians of menstruating age (12-44) live below 100% of the Federal Poverty Line. 1 in 5 residents lack the access to period supplies they need. Our goal is to ensure individuals have access to menstrual supplies and undergarments in a comprehensive effort to assist in overcoming immediate burdens, provide resources for economic and educational success, aid in achieving stability, as well as increasing long-term health benefits and well-being.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Since 2015, through our partnerships with shelters, schools, food pantries, and community organizations, BRAWS has distributed over four million pads, tampons, new bras and underwear to women and children in crisis.


"The ladies from BRAWS...God bless them! I was in serious need of a new bra! The one bra I owned was old, stained, and stretched out. I can't wait for them to come back!"

"I've never owned such a pretty bra, and even though nobody else can see, I know I'm wearing it, and it makes me feel a little better about myself."

"Being homeless, I could never afford what I wanted in hygiene supplies. I would use whatever I could get. Getting donations from this program, puts my mind at ease every month and eliminates one of my stressors."

"Being able to save the money that I would normally spending on tampons, allows me to put it towards paying my bills every month. Tampons are expensive!"

If you would like to buy items online to contribute, please visit our Amazon Wish List HERE!
If you have purchased off of our Amazon Wish List previously, PLEASE make sure you update the address to 2102 Gallows Rd, Suite C, Vienna, VA 22182.
We cannot accept used undergarments or open packages of pads and tampons.

You can mail your check, made out to BRAWS, to:
2102 Gallows Road, Suite C
Vienna, VA 22182

You can drop items off at our office. **Feel free to leave items outside the door Monday- Friday 9am-3pm.**

Many employers offer a matching gift program to encourage employees, retirees, and their family members to support nonprofit organizations. With matching gifts, your impact could double or triple! Please ask your HR Department to find out if your company matches charitable donations.


$10,000: Buys a two month supply of pads and tampons for 40 local schools, allowing hundreds of girls to receive an uninterrupted education.

$7,500: Provides 375 victims of domestic violence a new bra for their new start in life.

$5,000: Purchases underwear & camisoles for 1,000 of our youngest clients experiencing homelessness.

$1,500: Sponsors a school/community center dispenser and a twelve-month supply of individually wrapped pads and tampons so that all can have access wherever and whenever they need it.

$500: Purchases new sports bras for pre-teen and teenage girls in Northern Virginia, enabling 25 poor school-age children the opportunity to participate in PE and after-school athletics.

$250: Buys 25 boxes of pads or tampons for a PTA sponsored school pantry, allowing students and families to access menstrual products discreetly.

$100: Empowers 50 women in crisis by giving them access to new underwear.

$50: Purchases a months worth of menstrual supplies, providing basic dignity to five women experiencing homelessness.

Whatever amount you choose, we are GRATEFUL for your SUPPORT! THANK YOU!